Nasze Główne Wartości

Nasze Główne Wartości

Starting the Journey Right 

We feel it's important to let our customers know where we are coming from in conducting our business and to set out the ethical goals that we set for ourselves in business. We don't claim to be to have fully arrived at where we want to be, but here are a few core values that we as a company endeavor to embody everyday. 

Integrity & Ethics

These principles are top of the list because we always endeavour to do the right thing, in an honest, fair, and responsible way. Brady Insurance is based on a foundation of integrity and ethical behaviour which we feel goes a long way into building a strong, trusting relationship with it’s employees, insurance partners and customers. A truthful conduct on everyone’s part can create a strong, credible reputation of the company in the market, which is beneficial for everyone’s interests.


Respect for our employees, for our clients, for the privacy of both, respect by eliminating discrimination and by creating a safe and harmonious workspace for our teams.

Honesty & Fairness

This is about how we communicate but also the products we sell. It means we are transparent in pricing, we are clear about cover, we advocate for our customer where they are being treated unfairly and we ensure pick the right insurance partners to do business with.


Balance between the serious business of insurance and with having fun and a light hearted environment, between work and family, between making profit and giving back to our community.  


We have a drive to improve and develop practices beyond what might be comfortable and easy right now. As a business we desire to make life easier for transacting insurance business and our employees are constantly encouraged to re-think how we do business. We ourselves have developed some online innovations over the years and will continue to be at the forefront of disruption in the insurance industry.

Social Responsibility

Top of the list for our team is that we contribute to our communities. To this end we have verbalised our Sustainability Story, which outlines how we look after the environment and how we contribute to the improvement of our communities.