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Key Tips: Contract Cleaners Insurance

Being a Contract Cleaner means that you can find yourself accountable for maintaining the safety of your client’s property for the brief time it is in your care, as well as the health and safety of your employees. Managing potential risk and protecting the smooth and on-going operations of your business is vital and to do so contract cleaners typically require insurance to ensure business runs smoothly. 

Covers Available for Contract Cleaners:

Public Liability Insurance:

This is a fundamental coverage required for contract cleaners at a minimum. Public Liability cover protects your company against third-party claims for both bodily injury and property damage. For example, if a client or visitor slips and falls on a wet floor whilst a cleaner is working on the premises, Public Liability insurance would cover the resulting medical expenses or legal fees arising from this incident. 

Being well supported through adequate insurance, shows your client that yours is a professional and responsible business, and guarantees the client peace of mind. As injuries to the public or clients and third party property damage are all potential issues, adequate and appropriate insurance cover is vital in order to compensate in a satisfactory manner.

Employers' Liability Insurance:

If a contract cleaner has employees, they will usually take out Employers Liability cover. This type of insurance provides protection against claims from employees who suffer injuries while working for the business. It is important for any business that its team should feel valued and prioritized. Employer’s Liability reassures employees that their health and safety is a priority for their employer.

Property Insurance:

Contract cleaners who own or lease office space, equipment or supplies should consider property insurance to protect against damage, theft or loss. The coverage typically includes:

  • Property Damage: Coverage for the physical structure of the property in case of damage from covered perils such as fire, storm or vandalism. 
  • Liability Coverage: Protection against claims from third parties who suffer bodily injury or property damage while on the premises. 
  • Loss of Keys Cover: Most insurance packages will include this coverage for Contract Cleaners as more often than not, they will require access to a property and there may not be someone from the business present at all times, therefore the cleaner is given a key to gain access. Loss of Keys cover is part of a combined insurance policy & it specifically covers the costs associated with replacing locks, rekeying & providing new keys in the event that a cleaner loses the keys or if they are stolen.
  • Commercial Vehicle Insurance/ Fleet Insurance: Fleet Insurance is specifically designed  to cover a multitude of vehicles under a single policy. For contract cleaners who operate a fleet of vehicles as part of their business, fleet insurance can be a practical and cost effective solution. It not only provides cover for all vehicles in their fleet but also the drivers/employees who will be using them. Whilst a fleet policy typically offers similar coverage options as individual auto insurance policies, it can not only offer some cost savings compared to insuring each vehicle individually but it can simplify the insurance process and offer flexibility too. 
  • Business Interruption Insurance: This can be a crucial coverage for contract cleaners, as it helps protect their income and financial stability in the event of a covered interruption to their business operations. This type of insurance is designed to provide compensation for lost income and certain ongoing expenses if the business were forced to suspend or reduce its operations due to an unforeseen event. For contract cleaners, common events that may trigger a Business Interruption claim include fires, floods, storms or other disasters that cause damage to premises and disrupt regular business activities. 

Please note that insurance requirements and regulations may change over time, and as the cost of materials and equipment continues to increase, it is crucial for contract cleaners to consult with an insurance professional to determine the specific insurance coverage and level of coverage they need for their individual circumstances.

Brady insurance aims to make things easy for our clients by having access to the best insurance products for your trade at the keenest rates. We check the policy wordings to ensure that they comply with the appropriate guidelines for your occupation. We are experienced with Liability cover for Tradespeople and can help you avoid some of the common pitfalls such as getting the wrong policy wording and we will ensure you are protected and properly advised.

We act as your advocate, and will work for you in setting up your insurance, and administering it and helping in the event of a claim. We have specialist knowledge: we offer industry-specific policies to suit the risks you face and because we access all insurers, we can select the best policy and wording for you!

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