Brady Insurance are an expert broker for Excess Layer Insurance in Ireland. 

Excess layer insurance is there to help you when you need cover that exceeds the limits of a standard policy. Excess Layer is also known as Excess of Loss Insurance.

It involves buying a primary policy, followed by excess layers with other insurers. Your excess layer is triggered only when a claim exceeds your primary policy's cover limit. Excess Layer Insurance, gives you the uplifted cover or top up insurance you need above your primary liability or professional indemnity policies.

It is relatively easy to get coverage but it can take some days to access the insurers who quote in this specialist area. To buy or enquire about excess layer insurance, contact us on our form here, and we will get the ball rolling as efficiently as possible.

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Types of Excess Layer Policies

Types of Excess Layer Policies

  • Public Liability i.e. 6.5m over 6.5m 
  • Employers Liability
  • Products Liability
  • Professional Indemnity
Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is Excess Layer Liability Insurance

  • What types of liability can Excess Layer Liability Insurance cover?

  • Why do businesses in Ireland need Excess Layer Liability Insurance?
  • How does Excess Layer Liability Insurance work?

  • How do we get cover?

  • How do I decide what limit to purchase?

Key Considerations

Key Considerations

Read More on these important aspects of choosing Excess of Loss insurance:

  • Coverage Limits
  • Insurer Reputation
  • Details of your Contract 
  • Particulars of the Quote  
  • Cost-Benefit Analysis
  • When the Cover is Triggered
  • Avoiding Primary & Excess Layer Gaps

Examples of Claims

  • Public Liability: A restaurant in Cork is sued after a customer slips and falls on their premises. The medical expenses & legal fees associated exceed the primary general liability policy's limits.
  • Product Liability: A manufacturer in Ireland faces a product recall due to a defective component. The resulting claims from injured consumers exceed the limits of their primary product liability policy & the Excess Layer Liability Insurance steps in
  • Professional Liability: An accounting firm in Dublin is sued by a client for errors in financial statements that resulted in financial losses. The primary PI policy is exhausted and XS Layer is called upon to pay balance of the claims. .
  • A software business has an excess layer of €20m over its primary cover of €10m. Due to a software bug it becomes legally liability for clients losses of over €15m.
  • A firm of solicitors acts in large mergers and has a primary PI policy of €3m in the aggregate. They must purchase excess layer cover due to their exposure to large & complex claims from their activity.

Who needs Excess Layer Insurance?



Large & Complex Risks



Wholesalers & Exporters

Medical / Pharmaceutical

Professional Services Firms

Our Excess Layer Experts
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Sean in Brady Insurance far exceeded the customer service standards of other brokers we have experienced. Kept us informed & delivered for us. Happy to recommend to other businesses!

Antuar Software

Brady Insurance arranged our insurance requirements at a competitive price, ensuring we had all the necessary cover for our business. They reply promptly and keep us updated during the renewal process which was important to us.

Andy Pepper - Apex Scientific

Thank you to Olivia and the team at Brady Insurance for always providing a professional, customer-centric approach to all our corporate insurance needs, year after year.

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I have found Bradys to be a very professional company with friendly, well informed and customer-focused staff, ensuring attention to detail, so you as a customer are always well informed and up to date, making decision making easier.

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We have been a client of Brady's for decades and value the prompt quality service we receive from them.

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