Insurance Apprenticeship offered in Carrick Office

Unique chance to Earn and Learn!

Brady Insurance Seeks Apprentice to Join their Dynamic Team.  

The Insurance Practitioner Apprenticeship Offers Unique Opportunity to ‘Earn and Learn’. 

Brady Insurance is looking to hire an apprentice to come on board its team in Carrick on Shannon – the successful candidate will not only gain employment in a dynamic insurance company, but they will also have the chance to ‘earn and learn’ – meaning that they will join the three-year apprenticeship programme and gain a third-level qualification (BA Hons in Insurance Practice), as well as a salary and real work experience.

2022 marks the seventh year of The Insurance Practitioner Apprenticeship and during this time it has managed to exceed all expectations and breathed new life into the insurance sector. The Insurance Practitioner Apprenticeship was Ireland’s first degree-level apprenticeship, offering apprentices the chance to carve out a sustainable career for themselves in an innovative industry full of possibilities.

The programme sees apprentices work full-time for an insurance employer, with one day per week devoted to their online lectures, which are run in partnership with ATU Sligo (Atlantic Technological University). One of the most attractive elements of the programme is the fact the apprentices gain real, on the job learning, as well as a level-8 qualification.  

The apprenticeship has immense benefits for both apprentices and insurance employers alike – apprentices have the chance to build a viable and exciting career for themselves in a sector that presents great opportunities, while also achieving a third-level qualification. Employers on the other hand gain a motivated and enthusiastic employee, who they can rest assured is at the forefront of their professional development – this gives employers great peace of mind as they know they are safeguarding the future of their business by putting the right staff, with the right skills, in place.

Initially the programme was set up to attract high quality candidates into the insurance sector – this was at a time when many insurance employers were struggling to recruit and retain talent. It also sought to enable these individuals to build a sustainable career for themselves within the industry – to move away from the idea of ‘just a job’ and to begin to build on the reputation of insurance as an interesting and dynamic profession.

Commenting, Jane Brady, Managing Director, Brady Insurance, said, “We’re delighted to be in a position to take on an apprentice for our Carrick on Shannon office – we’ve been involved with the apprenticeship programme since 2015, and we’ve been thrilled with the impact it has had on our business. The programme allows you to get access to a talent pipeline of ambitious and hardworking candidates. It also allows us the chance to grow our own so to speak – to bring on board an employee at the very beginning of their career and to get them extremely familiar with how our business and its system works – the fact the apprentices receive best in class training and education is also a wonderful advantage.”

Ms Brady continued, “We are looking for a determined and conscientious individual to join our team – this is a fantastic opportunity for anyone who is seeking an exciting opportunity, and who is committed to gaining real work experience, whilst also achieving a third-level qualification. We provide our apprentices with great support and guidance throughout the programme, and we always ensure that their learning in college is applicable to their day-to-day work.”

Dermot Murray, CEO, The Insurance Institute, also commented, “The programme is this year celebrating its seventh year and I am delighted to say that it continues to go from strength to strength – it has managed to bring an influx of new talent into our industry and provides apprentices with an exceptional opportunity whereby they achieve a third-level qualification and build a sustainable career.”

Mr Murray continued, “It is worth stating though that the apprenticeship is not for everyone – you need to be extremely hardworking and determined – working full-time and studying is not for the faint hearted – but it is of course entirely worth it for those who are ambitious and committed.”

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