Sustainability Story

Sustainability Story

Our business has a responsibility to have a positive and ethical impact on our community and the environment, both in how we do business and the operational choices we make.

Vision Statement: Brady Insurance is a brokerage with a legacy of integrity and trust. Our expertise and professionalism ensures our clients and staff are protected and supported . Our aim is to ensure the community we operate in feels safe and has the protection afforded by our quality insurance products, especially in these times of increased insurance risk, litigation and the impact of extreme weather & unforseen events. 

What we do to play our part:

We are committed to reducing our environemntal impact and supporting the well being our our staff and community. Our Goal is to be the Greenest Insurance intermediary in Ireland. We are proud to incorporate the Sustainable Development Goals into our choices in the following ways: Sustainable Development Goals

Our Office:

  • Energy Consumption (SDG 7)
    • We are Solar! 80% of Electricity comes from 20 solar panels installed in 2022. 
    • 100% of our lighting is LED
    • Our Energy supplier (when not self generated from our solar panels) is Energia who sources 100% renewable energy sources.
    • Offices were thermally insulated to reduce energy waste
    • Computers – Turning off PC’s at source at night to save on our carbon footprint!
  • Re-Use & Recycle (SDG 12)
    • Repurpose– We have tried to repurpose all office furniture, computers and screens by donating them to our staff or to local charity shops. If they are really beyond use, they are brought to be correctly recycled in the local electronic recycling centre
    • Paper – We use 100% recycled paper. We attempt to be as paperless as we can be, using scanning & the cloud to  reduce the amount we need to print and to post.  Our customers have been amazing in helping us by allowing us to email communications & renewals to them.
    • We try to buy recyclable office materials such as pencils, non-plastic items & metal paper trays.
    • General Waste – Our team have embraced recycling and we correctly dispose of all of our waste incuding a brown bin for compostable waste 
  • Water (SDG 6)
    • Refill Ireland member – we are thrilled be on the Refill Ireland map
    • No Water Bottles!! We are very proud of our new water filter system installed by Crystal Clear Coolers, which enables our team to bring keep cups and has reduced the amount of plastic waste going to recycling centres
  • Getting to Work / Working from Home
    • Some of our team car-pool and some cycle in the good weather! (SDG 3), we also have embraced a hybrid model of working from home to reduce our carbon footprint. 

Our Employees

  • Diversity (SDG's 10 & 11) - We have a mix of Irish & Non-Irish employees and have actually created new markets for the company, for instance our Polish and Ukrainian departments. 
  • Family-Friendly Company - We try to enable the families that depend on our company with fair employment practices that balance the business needs with facilitating family needs. We offer flexible work base and flexible hours to many of our team. 
  • Mentorship – We have supported the apprenticeship programme delivered by the Insurance Institute of Ireland by employing apprentices in 2017, 2021, 2022 and 2023. We also employ work experience students or 3rd Level students on temporary work placements. 
  • Fair employment (SDG1) – We always try to ensure our teams are remunerated fairly and their contracts are up to speed with best employment practices.
  • Health & Wellbeing (SDG1)  Brady Insurance prioritizes the health and wellbeing of employees, including the right to switch off outside of working hours to promote a healthy work-life balance.
  • Gender Equality (SDG5)   Our workplace policy prioritizes gender equality, fostering an environment where all employees have equal opportunities for growth and advancement. 
  • Committment to Personal Development (SDG4) It is fundamental belief in our business that investing in people reaps rewards for those individuals, the customers and the business ultimately. We pride ourselves on being proactive in education, skills development and assisting employees in their life goals, including financial contribution towards upskilling and the time to delve into education. 

Our Community

  • Part of the Community (SDG 11) – We try to get involved in the conversation through membership of our local Chamber of Commerce, supporting & volunteerings with our Tidy Towns and attendance at all types of community and local enterprise events. This year in particular our team got involved in the organisation of the Carrick Camino a 34km walk that promoted our area to new tourists. 
  • Giving Back (SDG 11 & 17) – We acknowledge that we don’t exist without our local and wider community. We try to give back by supporting the following local causes in the last year:
    Carrick Camino, Carrick on Shannon Athletics Club (3 year sponsor), Red Cross, Irish Cancer Society, Women's Aid, Focus Ireland, Leitrim Gaels, Carrick Christmas Lights, Elphin GAA, St. Marys GAA Clubs, Swim Ireland Sponsor an Athlete and others.
  • Sponsorship of The Arts & Education (SDG 17) - We partner with and give financial support to wonderful organisations such as Theatre Forum, Educate Together and the Association of Irish Festival & Events.

Our Supply Chain

  • Partnerships (SDG 17) – We are starting a dialogue with consumers about the insurers who have exhibited a sustainable business practice and explain that as part of our recommendations in the purchase of certain insurance products. This type of discussion will happen more frequently, when the insurance market starts to realise that their sustainability practices this could comprise part of the decision for a consumer. 
  • Local Sourcing (SDG 17 & SDG 12)  Since the 1970's our ethos was to buy locally or buy from our clients, and that has never changed. We support the local economy and the firms that in turn support us.
  • Read more about our Supplier Preference Policy Here.   

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