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Commercial Combined FAQs

How Can I reduce my Premium?

You have taken the first step in reducing your premium, by talking to a new broker who can assist you with a full review. It doesn't cost you anything and you will have the peace of mind to know you have taken steps to manage your insurance costs. Brady Insurance will add value by making sure all possible markets have been checked and that your business is portrayed in the best possible light - and that drives the premium down. We will also advise you on risk protocols for your industry, but doubtless you will already be aware of certain risk management, and we will help you improve that.

There are several things you can do to keep insurance expenses in check. Performing an annual risk assessment and identifying actions you can take to lower your insurance costs is the first step. Also, your broker can be a great resource to review your existing policies and excesses, to make sure your coverage and limits are right-sized for your business. 

What Risk Management Should I have?

It really depends on your business. An insurer will review whether the risk management is of an appropriate level for the risks you are exposed to. For instance if you have wood cutting machinery or use welders the focus would be on fire protection and personal protective clothing. Examples of Risk management for commercial combined risks are Risk Assessments, Health & Safety Statement, Proper Induction & Ongoing training, Cleaning Protocols, First Aid Measures, Suitable Security & Fire Protections and Protective Clothing where appropriate.

We have claims, is that an issue?

Usually it is fine, provided your claims are roughly commensurate with what is expected for your size company, turnover, number of staff etc. If you have a high frequency because of your kind of company, that should be ok too; its a matter of matching you with the right insurer. However if your claims are of a high frequency and high severity that is outside the normal experience, that is not so easy, but Brady Insurance will tell you clearly if you have a chance of moving from your current insurer, and we will give you our best advice on claims.

How will you help me with Claims Management?

We provide a free claims service and you can rely on us to track, report on and keep you abreast of updates with your claims. We will review your claims prior to your renewal date and pro-actively work on them to engage with insurers to reduce reserves. We understand it is very important that you have faith in your insurer and that your voice is heard, as you are "on the ground" running your business we will ensure that your insurer knows your side of the story.

What if our needs change or if our business grows?

The demands and opportunities your business faces are constantly shifting. The good news is that there are coverages available to adapt to your needs. As your business grows, offers new products or services, buys new equipment or develops new income streams, you may also take on new risks. It's a good idea to review whenever something significant changes, and at least once per year, to identify overlapping coverage or new areas of risk. 

We make it easy to make policy adjustments and do it at the lowest possible cost to you. 

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