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Cyber Insurance

With an increasing number of cyber criminals actively targeting small businesses, a security breach could have disastrous consequences. A targeted attack that takes down your website, wipes business-critical data or steals your customer's personal information could have severe consequences for your business.

We understand the threats facing small businesses.  We access specialist markets and offer you a tailored product to protect you against a multitude of risks following a targeted cyber-attack.   Cyber Liability Insurance coverage offers cutting edge protection for exposures arising out of Internet communications.

We have access to all specialist insurers who provide cyber products which offer protections against all modern-day cyber threats.

We are able to offer cover to a wide range of industries and with the support of our insurance partners, we offer a flexible approach to cyber insurance.

What kind of claims can happen? 

  • A spreadsheet containing of all your clients' personal information (including payment details) is stolen by a hacker in a targeted attack. You are covered for the costs associated with informing your customers, your legal defence costs and any damages you are legally required to pay to other parties.
  • In a targeted attack, a hacker threatens to encrypt the hard drive of the laptop you use for your business unless you pay them a ransom. You are covered for the cost of meeting the ransom demand.
  • A targeted denial of service attack causes an outage on your website. You are covered for the cost of restoring or reinstating the data to get your website back online, as well as loss of net profit.

Covers offered:

  • Cyber Crime
  • Electronic theft, computer fraud & telecommunications fraud
  • Network extortion
  • Social engineering
  • Reputational damage.
  • Coverage for rogue employees
  • Privacy regulatory defence and penalties

Whats next?

Send us some details and we will get you quotes from a number of top providers in this field. Brady Insurance has access to the best insurers and our professional team will advise you through the process.

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