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Event Insurance FAQs

It's a Small Event, Do We Need Insurance? 

If you are organising a public event you will need public liability insurance. It is not necessarily very expensive. Prices usually start at €140 for very small events, but obviously it depends on the nature of the event.

What Covers are Available?

Public Liability Insurance

Available Limits of Indemnity are €2,600,000, €6,500,000 & on request €13,000,000

Employers Liability Insurance Available Limit of Indemnity is €13,000,000

Cancellation Insurance - if your event has to be cancelled due to non-appearance of the star act and you were at the loss of revenue. The cover you request is based on the loss of gross revenue. Adverse weather cover can be added for an additional premium.

Motor Insurance - For Vehicles that have been hired in for the event.

What Risk Management should we have?

Examples of Risk management for events are firstly having a Health & Safety Statement and Risk Assessments the event. Depending on the type of event and whether entirely voluntary or with paid sub-contractors you might need to consider the following; Manual Handling, Personal Protective Clothing, Induction for Volunteers, Stewarding, Liason with Garda or Fire Brigade, Cleaning Plan and Protocols, First Aid Measures & Personnel, Lighting, Electrical Safety, Car Park Plans, Suitable Security and Fire Protections. Managing ingress and egress is the very important particularly for large groups, or if night time events. Each event is different and your requirement will be unique for you. Our team can help you think about what is appropriate for your business and direct you to specialist third party advice if necessary.

We had a Slip/Trip, What Happens Next? 

You have a duty of care to all attendees at your event. Cleaning protocols are necessary and if the liquid was not wiped up you will be held responsible for this accident if the Third Party claims against you. If you have had an incident ensure that there is a record of the event and any evidence or incident reports pertaining to it.  You must inform your insurer so email us with the details, even if you think it wont give rise to a claim, and we will note it on your file.

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