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Fleet & Haulage Insurance FAQs

Are Goods Covered? 

Unfortunately no, Stock of Goods can be only covered with a specific Goods in Transit policy.

How can I reduce my fleet premium?

The cost of Fleet Insurance varies because of a variety of factors. To get the maximum discounts for your businesses occupation and your list of drivers, you need to be aware of what makes you eligible for discounts. Top of the list is having a good history of claims free driving. Second would be drivers with clean records and low penalty points (whether driving for work or privately). Driver Training and safety management such as Driver Monitoring Systems will also enable your firm to avail of discounts.

Are Contents of my vehicle Covered?

Certain equipment such as the vehicle stereo, sat nav or other radio equipment will be covered up to certain limits depending on the insurer, provided they are permanently fixed to the vehicle. Personal possessions such as laptops, personal possessions etc are not covered, so you should not leave them in the vehicle unattended. Stock of Goods can be covered with a specific Goods in Transit policy

How Many Vehicles do I need for a fleet policy?

We deal with a variety of fleet insurers who generally insure 5 or more vehicles, however it depends on your trade and type of vehicles. To get the best value it is sometimes more economical to have individual policies when motor rates are low in the market, for groups of less than 5 vehicles. Ask our brokers for advice on this and we will be happy to help.

What Vehicles Can I get cover for?

You can insure almost any type of vehicle under fleet insurance. Buses, coaches, cars, vans, trucks, motorbikes, agricultural vehicles and Special Type Vehicles are all possible. However, if you want to insure any classic cars or super cars, you may require a specialist type of Fleet Insurance policy. This is because these types of cars are generally quite high in value and can be costly to repair due to the difficulty of finding original parts.

Do I get a No Claims Bonus After having a fleet

Unfortunately not, you do get a Fleet Claims Experience letter, which can be used if you intend to split up your fleet. For individual drivers it is difficult if they are not named and driving is on an open basis. To use your fleet driving history to get motor insurance you will need to be named on the policy for the insurer to give you a letter of driving experience.

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