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Hospitality Insurance FAQs

What Risk Management should I have?

Examples of Risk management for hospitality including having a proper Health & Safety Statement and Risk Assessments for each main area of your business. Specific considerations would be Manual Handling, Personal Protective Clothing, Proper induction training, Machine Guards on equipment, Cleaning Protocols, Ongoing Employee Training, First Aid Measures, Suitable Security and Fire Protections. Each business is different and your requirements are different. Our team can help you think about what is appropriate for your business and direct you to specialist third party advice if necessary.

How do I get a quote?

To get a quotation from us you can complete our quote form and we will review it carefully. We may even need to visit your premises and review everything with you. Upon receipt of all of this information we submit your risk details to all the insurers we use and will have a quotation prepared for you in a very short time.

How will you help me with Claims Management?

We provide a free claims service and you can rely on us to track, report on and keep you abreast of updates with your claims. We will review your claims prior to your renewal date and pro-actively work on them to engage with insurers to reduce reserves. We understand it is very important that you have faith in your insurer and that your voice is heard, as you are "on the ground" running your business we will ensure that your insurer knows your side of the story.

What Services do you offer Hospitality Clients?

We will review your business end-to-end when you become our client. Most hospitality businesses require Public & Employers Liability first and foremost, and material damage cover for your property and contents. We will review your risk, review the available policy wordings and conduct a full review of your Sums Insured for material damage. We will work with you to establish you’re “wants” and your “needs” and put forward an insurance quotation that addresses and balances these two requirements. We will continually review your covers and provide services and advice all throughout the year. When a claim happens we will help you with it from end to end.

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