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How do I calculate my buildings sums insured?

This figure should take into the consideration the cost to rebuild the property if totally destroyed and not the market value of the property which is a very common mistake people make. The Buildings sum insured should include outbuildings, allowance for potential architects fees, debris removal etc. The Chartered Surveyors of Ireland website provides a guide on how to calculate your buildings sums insured figure for the area you live here see however we will also assist with calculating this figure.

What paperwork do you need?

Once you get your quote and give us the instruction to go on cover, we will send you a proposal form, this will need to be signed and returned to our offices. Other than that we just require some compliance documents or premium payment plan documents which are straightforward.

Why Have Property Owners Insurance?

Property Owners Insurance protects your building in a number of ways. Firstly damage to, loss or theft of contents or and to the premises itself, such as burst pipes, storm damage or fire. You could also be sued and suffer a claim from a member of the public or a tenant due to injury suffered by them as a result of your negligence. Finally, it is possible that in the event of a claim you could lose rental income due to damage to your property. The most common type of claim in an property owners policy is storm damage and escape of water claims, so it makes financial sense to have your valuable property adequately covered.

Are there any discounts I can get?

Yes, if your property is secure and with modern fire protections you will get additional discounts. For instance if it is fitted with a burglar alarm, linked fire alarm, wired in smoke detectors, or additional security measures then discounts can be included for these. Our brokers will advise you and ensure your property is presented well to the insurance companies.

Why choose Brady Insurance?

Customer Service and Access to the best products is at the core of what we do. We are an award-winning broker who has a team of  over 20 professional insurance brokers. Trading since 1959, we pride ourselves on an impeccable record or customer service and ethical business.

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