Property Owners Insurance Detail

Property Owners Insurance

A standard property owners policy will cover the property for material damage, contents or landlords fixtures & fittings and property owners liability.

You wil need Property Damage All risks if you own the following types of property:

  • Single or Multi-Unit Investment Property
  • Mixed Use Property
  • Office Block or Retail Unit
  • Industrial Unit
  • Commercial Property eg. Manufacturing, Retail, Leisure etc
  • Unoccupied Property
  • If you are the management company 
  • If you are the tenant with a full repairing lease

 Our experienced brokers access the top insurers and will advise on what you need and the correct sums insured for your specific portfolio.

It makes sense to shop around, particularly if you fall into these categories:

  • You have recently acquired property
  • Your insurances have not been reviewed recently
  • The service you are getting could be better
  • Rebuild values have changed since your last review
  • Your tenants have changed
  • There have been improvements to the property.

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