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Schools & Education Insurance FAQs

Pupil Personal Accident

Pupil Personal Accident Insurance provides cover in respect of the Medical and Dental expenses resulting from an accident regardless of blame. Your Public Liability insurance protects your Legal Liability following an accident or injury. For a claimant / injured party to be successful they will have to take legal action against the School and prove the School were negligent in their duty of care. Personal Accident Cover is a no-fault cover, it provides cover for Medical and Dental expenses regardless of blame.

Use of School by Third Parties

Third parties may use the schools premises or grounds but any outside group using the School must have the necessary insurance in place. Examples of this would be after school leisure activities, Meetings, Music Lessons, Drama lessons or Homework Club.

Is Work Experience Allowed?

Most policies will provide indemnity for work experience schemes organised by the school. The policy can also provide an indemnity to the employer with whom the pupil is place in respect of the liability of the school and pupil.

Indemnity Letters

If you are using other facilities for sporting activities or other school activities, you may be required to provide a letter of indemnity to the owners of such facilities. Most insurance policies will facilitate this and provide an indemnity in respect of the school’s negligence.

Can we run Summer & Easter Camps?

These camps would normally be excluded under a School Insurance policy. However, if the camp is run under the control of the Board Of Management, then we can normally extend the policy to provide cover at an additional charge.

What Supervision Rules apply?

It is important that supervision is carried out by a person trained to supervise in large numbers. This would normally be a teacher. Other people may supervise but they must be accompanied by and work under the direction of a teacher.

Fundraising Activities?

Yes cover for these are normally covered under the School Policy, where the event is being run with the full knowledge and control of the Board of Management. All funds must be for the benefit of the school. It would be best practice to advise your broker of these events as some events may have certain requirements or conditions that you must be aware of

Are Volunteers Covered?

Volunteers working on behalf of the Board of Management are included under the definition of an Employee and are normally covered under the school policy. Volunteers should be supervised by a member of the Board of Management or teaching staff.

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