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Shop Insurance FAQs

Do all shops need Public Liability?

While public liability insurance is not a legal requirement for businesses, it is in retail as members of the public will be interacting with your business and your staff, and claims are common. It is strongly advisable to have Public Liability as part of your insurance package, in fact you can't buy shop insurance without it!

What Covers are necessary?

There is no general set of policies that will give you complete protection as every business is unique. Businesses can vary in so many different ways that it is important we understand your specific requirements before providing you with an appropriate policy.

Why is Shop Insurance necessary?

As a retailer, it is your responsibility to protect your business as well as your employees and customers. It is also important to consider risks of damage or theft of stock, which has potential to reduce your revenue. With Shop Insurance, your shop is safeguarded against a variety of events, offering security that will put you at ease.

How expensive is it?

It is always sold as part of a package, and really its not very expenseive and varies depending on your business. Shop Insurance premiums start at around €320.

Why do I need to ensure my employees?

Employers' liability insurance protects you against the cost of compensation claims arising from employee illness or injury, sustained as a result of their work for you. If you have any paid employee, apprentice, part-time unpaid family member or temporary labour you need Employers Liability Insurance.

What Risk Management should I have?

Examples of Risk management for retailers are Risk Assessments, Proper induction & Ongoing Training, Cleaning Protocols, First Aid Measures, Suitable Security & Fire Protections and Protective Clothing where appropriate.

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