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Car Insurance

Car Insurance is our No 1 Product

Brady Insurance are doing car insurance since 1959, and our staff are really knowledgable and have seen every scenario. We pride ourselves on our expertise in the car insurance market and promise you a very quick turnaround & high level of service. 

Matching You with the Right Insurer

You are a unique customer and while you want value and service, you also want a policy that fits your needs. Maybe that is a basic policy or perhaps a bells & whistles product. As your broker we will match you with the right cover and explain the "jargon" so that you can get on with more important things.  

Getting you on the Road

If you are switching insurer, we will get you on cover over the phone if time is of the essence, provided we have the basic documents and information we need. We wont delay and will get you driving as soon as possible, because who has time to wait these days?

After Sales Service

Brady Insurance we always try to be at the forefront of modernity in the Insurance market. Our website allows you to Request Docs, Make Changes, Do Substitutions and get things done while you are on the move. We understand you don't want to be on hold or hoping the phone will answer. During office hours your calls will be answered, and out of office there is lots of information on our site and ways to contact us or request a callback. And in the event of a claim, we will support you throughout that process. 

Check out our customer testimonials as they have said some really nice things! 

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