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Should I Protect my Bonus?

"Step Back bonus" is available with most policies, which gives a level of protection in the event of a claim, however if you have a 3+ year bonus, we would recommend you protect your bonus. We can always quote you both options and you decide what suits you best!

Is Third Party Fire & Theft Cover Enough?

Third party insurance is the primary level of insurance and covers claims made against you, such as property damage and personal injury. Third party fire & theft includes this plus fire & theft. These covers are fine, once you are aware of the lack of cover for own damage and you will save money, but our advisers will always recommend Comprehensive cover, particularly if you have a more valuable car.

What is DOC?

DOC is an abbreviation for "Driving Other Cars", which allows you to drive a car that isn't owned by you. DOC is not available for all policies and the cover is usually on a third party only basis.

If I have Comprehensive, Do I have Open Driving?

Unfortunately not. Comprehensive means that the vehicle is covered for all damage and Open Driving is looked at separately.

To get open driving you will need to ask for it and also it will cost a little more as it's an extra benefit.

What Insurers Do You Use?

We use a wide panel of insurers and benefit from having many years of relationship with them. As brokers we also have special discounts agreed with certain insurers. We use a very wide panel of insurers with strong financial ratings and proper regulatory status and we ensure we match their offering with your unique needs.

What Discounts Can I get?

We will make sure you get all discounts you are entitled to. For instance, if you have a spouse that has their own car and bonus that avails of a discount. Over 65's can avail of discounts, or drivers with an exemplary driving record. If you also have access to another vehicle such as your own van, you can avail of a discount. If your mileage is low or under 10,000km per year we will get you further discounts.

What is an Excess & How Much is it?

The excess is the amount you would be due to pay when making a claim on your policy. Most Motor excesses are around €300 - €500. If you had an agreed claim for €10,000 and had an excess of €300 your insurer would pay €9,700. All policies have an excess. You can avail of lower rates in exchange for choosing a higher policy excess with some insurers.

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