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Farm Insurance FAQs

Can I Insure my Farm Buildings against Storm?

Yes, Storm insurance is a basic cover available on farm policies for buildings, provided the building is sound structurally and well maintained when inspected. Property Damage cover usually includes storm, lightning, escape of water, fire etc.

It is important to note that wear and tear or gradual deterioration of the property would be excluded as it is expected that buildings are maintained.

Are Farmers Required to have Insurance?

Farm insurance is not a required by law, but if you own property you should protect your assets in the event of the unforeseen happening. Public Liability is an important consideration as we all know about unfortunate accidents happening on farms. If someone has an accident on your property, or an animal escapes and causes damage or injury, the resulting claim could be greater than the amount you are able to pay from your own pocket. If you own property or livestock, you have a liability and a duty of care to the public. Given this, it is a very important that you have the proper cover on your farm.

Do I need Personal Accident Insurance?

Personal Accident is another form of cover which is very useful for self-employed farmers. If your income would be totally in jeopardy if you had an accident you should consider it. It is designed to give a lump sum benefit in the event of serious accidents which prevent you from being able to work. You can also get benefits per day for hospital stays and some policies give medical expenses. Farm accidents are unfortunately a reality and many self employed farmers rely on Personal Accident insurance to provide some benefits if they are unable to work.

What Livestock Cover is Available?

You can cover your livestock for fatal injury and accidental death, theft and the worrying of sheep. Your public liability section will also cover damage to third party property if for instance the animals strayed outside your land.

Can I add my Vehicles to the policy?

Yes you can! Farm Insurance allows the addition of tractors, trailers or other farm machinery such as loaders or forklifts on the policy. These can be done with or without "Road Risk" such as Third Party Fire and Theft. If you have machines that don't go on the road but need cover for theft just let us know.

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