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Gadget Insurance Information

Our gadget insurance provider covers your favourite portable devices with a wide range of benefits. We have been doing gadget insurance for last 10 years and we have access to great rates from top insurers.

What’s available?

  • Accidental damage
  • Theft
  • Unauthorised calls
  • Loss
  • Accessories cover
  • Liquid damage
  • In the event of the above incidents, devices will be repaired or replaced with a refurbished device of same or similar specification & age.

Looking for cover for your favourite laptop, tablet, smartphone or e-reader? We provide protection for accidental damage such as a cracked screen, cover for water or liquid damage, as well as cover for loss or theft. As you invest in great technology, always protect it with insurance that will help you replace it if it gets damaged or stolen. 

Usually the policy covers the cost of replacing or repairing the item as a result of Theft, Accidental Damage, and Liquid Damage. It also offers cover for fraudulent call use in the event that your phone is stolen. Loss Cover is available to add for a small additional premium for Mobile Phones, Smart Watches, Tablets and Ipad's.

Other Key Points about Gadget Insurance

  • Cover is usually worldwide, so you are covered if you are on holiday, subject to certain limitations surrounding duration of travel.
  • To buy the Cover you must be over 18 and resident in the Republic of Ireland
  • The gadget has to be under 12 months old and must have been purchased from new by you in the Republic of Ireland, UK or US and you have evidence of ownership.
  • The electronic gadget must be in good condition and full working order at the time this policy is purchased with no prior repairs from non-manufacturer approved repairers.
  • You are not covered for any incidents that occur within the first 14 days of cover where the electronic gadget has not been insured within 14 days of purchase
  • As with all insurance policies, a policy excess, exclusions and limitations apply

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