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Can I go on cover immediately?

Once you obtain the quote and you are happy with all the details, you can go on cover straight away. We will then send you the relevant documentation by post or email, whichever method suits best. You can have your quote, cover and documents within 24 hours.

What paperwork do you need?

Once you get your quote and request to go on cover, we will send you a proposal form, this will need to be completed & signed, or if it is a "Statement of Fact" you must check all the pre-filled information, sign it and return it to us.

Sometimes, if there are specified items included on your policy (such as expensive jewellery), we will need up to date valuations for these items. Other than that just some compliance documents which are very straightforward.

How do I calculate my buildings sums insured?

This figure should take into the consideration the cost to rebuild the property if totally destroyed and not the market value of the property which is a very common mistake people make.

The Buildings sum insured should include outbuildings, allowance for potential architects fees, debris removal etc. The Chartered Surveyors of Ireland website provides a guide on how to calculate your buildings sums insured figure for the area you live here see https://www.scsi.ie/ however we will also assist with calculating this figure.

How do I calculate my contents sums insured?

Household contents are considered all the items you could take with you when moving house. These would include all your possessions such as furniture, white goods, electrical goods, clothes, art, jewellery etc. We suggest that you go from room to room and make a list of items in each room to give you an idea how much it could cost to replace the items of each room. You would also have to include your garden shed contents to ensure you have adequate cover for items stored there also.

Are there any discounts I can get?

Yes, if your house is fitted with a burglar alarm, smoke detectors or located in a neighbourhood watch area, discounts can be included for this. Also, discounts can be available if your car and home are insured with the same insurance company.

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