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100% built of Brick, Stone, or Concrete and metal clad and is roofed with Tiles, Slates, Concrete, Metal or Asbestos, with no combustible internal panels

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If Yes, Please indicate what Percentage of your roof is Flat and what it is comprised of if possible.

Please check your Rebuild Sum Insured with the latest information from Society of Chartered Surveyors Ireland Rebuild Calculator

Need to be sure of your Sums Insured? Use the handy rebuild calculator of Society of Chartered Surveyors Here

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  • The property or area has not suffered from subsidence, landslip, heave, coastal or river erosion and is not prone to these

  • The property has not previously flooded and is not in an area that has previously flooded

  • The property is not near any rivers, lakes, streams or bodies of water

  • The property is not in an area that is particularly exposed to damage by storm

  • The property is not used for any type of business purposes

  • The property will not be left unoccupied for any longer than 20 consecutive days throughout the year

  • The property is not under construction, renovation, repair or extension at present

  • The property is in a good state of repair and will be so maintained

  • The property does not have any ornate ceiling/plasterwork, antique fireplaces, or any other unique features

  • Neither I nor anyone that will reside at the property has been refused insurance, renewal of insurance or had any special terms applied or had a policy cancelled by an insurer including for direct debit defaults

  • Neither I nor anyone that will reside at the property has been convicted of any offence or charged with a criminal offence, other than a motoring offence

  • Neither I nor anyone that will reside at the property has ever had any judgement or bankruptcy orders (pending or otherwise) made against me/us

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