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Marine Insurance FAQs

Do I need Boat Insurance?

Boaters often want to know whether they have to carry boat insurance to enjoy the water. The answer is that boat insurance can be required for a variety of reasons. Marinas may require you to have boat insurance in order to dock your boat there.

Do I need Qualifications to Drive a Boat?

For vessels over 26 knots it is a requirement that the insured has a powerboat handling cert, but for most inland vessels qualifications are not a legal requirement.

What should I do if my vessel sinks/ leaks while moored?

You must take all reasonable steps to prevent further loss or damage from occurring. This includes having engines flushed through immediately after a sinking incident and immediately putting dehumidifiers into the internal areas of your boat which have been affected by a leak or sinking incident. This is a condition of your policy.

When do I have to take my boat out of the water?

The boat must not be in the water overnight between 1st November and 31st March unless it is moored in a purpose-built marina. If the boat is a dinghy then it must be laid up ashore after use. Each policy is slightly different so we will assist you with this when you take out your insurance.

Is my boat covered out of the water?

Yes, provided it is kept in a safe place such as a marina or locked / gated compound.

What should I do if I am involved in a collision?

With all insurance claims, you should not admit liability as that privilege is your insurers to admit or deny and often claims can be settled 50/50 with both parties taking blame. If an incident happens, take the name and contact details of the Third Party and of any witnesses involved. If possible take photographs of the damage sustained to both parties’ boats. Report the incident to our claims department without delay.

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