Personal Accident

Personal Accident Cover FAQs

What happens I have an accident & am unable to work for 6 months?

With Personal Accident Insurance you can claim for Medical Expenses, Physio Expenses and Dental Expenses. You can also claim for Hospital Cash if you are hospitalised following the accident. You can also pick a weekly allowance up to a period of 104 weeks.

What happens if I die following an accident?

If you die due to the injury sustained in the accident the capital benefit amount will be paid out to your family.

What happens if I am injured abroad?

Usually Personal Accident policies cover you worldwide 24 hours a day (unless otherwise stated on your schedule) So whether you are a sole trader, a SME business owner or a Karate Grand Master with a lot of members in your clubs, we can assist you by taking the pain out of shopping for personal accident insurance for you, your staff or your club members.

Should my employer buy this or should I?

We can do group Personal Accident for companies wishing to protect their employees and the benefit is paid to the Employer. However it is much more common for people to buy this cover themselves, particularly if they are self-employed.

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