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Capital Benefits

Capital Benefits are lump sum payments that you would receive in the event of accidents resulting in serious injuries, temporary or permanent disablement or death. These include Loss of Limb or Eye, Burns, Fractures, Dislocation etc. There are different levels of cover from around €100,000 up to €600,000. Cover can be 24 hours a day; or whilst just at work.

Cash Benefits 

Cash Benefits come in form of hospital cash or some policies give limited medical expenses cover. All cash benefits are paid directly to you, so you can use them as you see fit. Help pay for taxis to and from hospital, pay off bills while you are off work, adapt your home to help you live independently after your injury, or to take a holiday to get over your accident. 

Summary of Covers Available

  • Accidental death.
  • Temporary total disablement.
  • Permanent total disablement.
  • Loss of limb, sight, speech or hearing.
  • Permanent disabling injuries.
  • Temporary partial disablement.
  • Permanent partial disablement.
  • Hospital confinement.

What's in the Small Print?

  • Cash benefits up to €600,000 tax free. 
  • Guaranteed acceptance for people aged 18-65
  • All cash benefits paid directly to you
  • Cover 24 hours a day, or occupational only - you decide 
  • No medical required 
  • Benefits paid in addition to any other compensation or state benefit you are entitled to
  • Physiotherapy & Dental Benefits available 

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