Travel Insurance FAQ

Travel Insurance FAQ

What happens if I have to cancel?

There are certain conditions to be met to make a cancellation claim. For instance the Death of a family member, Jury service of you or a travel companion or if you fall pregnant subsequent to booking your holiday and a number of other circumstances which you can find in your policy document. You cannot claim for cover if you decide not to travel.

Your cover will pay up to the amount shown in the table of benefits for:

  • Travel and accommodation expenses which you have paid or have agreed to pay under a contract and which you cannot get back
  • The cost of excursions, tours and activities which you have paid for and which you cannot get back
  • The cost of visas which you have paid for and which you cannot get back

Can I cover my kids?

Yes kids are included if they’re under the age of 18. Simply add them to your policy and you can enjoy your holiday with peace of mind knowing your entire family is covered.

What is the Excess I have to pay?

Each section of your policy is treated differently. For instance for baggage there might be an excess of €70 with cover up to €2,500. For Medical Expenses the excess is the amount recoverable by your health insurer if you have Private Medical Insurance. It is advisable to read your policy as it clearly shows all excesses and if they apply.

What if I develop a medical condition?

Travel Insurance covers your medical expenses if you fall sick whilst on holiday but is not intended to cover illnesses of which you were aware prior to taking out cover. You must make sure you tell us about any change in the state of health of yourself, anyone travelling with you, a relative or business associate also covered on the policy. Please refer to your policy documents.

What is the max age for cover?

The maximum age limit is 79 years.

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