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Van & Commercial Vehicle FAQs

What happens after I Purchase my Policy

We will bring you through the process as quickly as possible and get your documents & certificate to you within days, subject to us having received all relevant documentation such as your signed proposal form, driving licence and no claims bonus documents. It is important you ensure all information is correct on the Statement of Fact.

What happens if I miss a Direct Debit?

We understand this happens from time to time and if you do miss an installment, you need to contact us immediately because we would need to explain to your insurer or finance company. Failure to act or rectify the discrepancy could mean that your policy could eventually be cancelled.

Should I Protect my Bonus?

There are two options available to you; Step-back protection and Full Bonus Protection. Step-back Protection will, in most cases, protect two years of your No Claims Bonus depending on your bonus level. Full Bonus Protection will protect your bonus entirely. If you have a full bonus or even 4 years, we always advise to protect it. Please refer to your policy booklet for more information and speak to us, however if you have a full bonus we usually recommend taking Full Bonus Protection.

What is the Claims Process?

We will assist you and make the process as easy as possible and will provide you with complimentary claims processing services. First we need to contact the relevant insurance company's claims team, and report your claim. They will provide us with a claim number and advise you of the specific steps to take next. Some policies will specify approved repairers and some will also give you a replacement vehicle.

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