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Van Insurance

We are experts in van insurance for over 60 years with access to the best insurance rates because of our volume and long relationships with key insurance partners.

Whether you are a van driver as a sole trader or a SME business owner with a number of commercial vehicles we can assist you by shopping with all commercial motor insurers. If you have an accident you want to get back up and running with minimum fuss, and we deal with all major insurers and will assist you all throughout your insurance year.

What Great Rates? Look no further

What's Available?

  • Comprehensive or Third Party Fire & Theft
  • Breakdown Assistance
  • Direct Debit options
  • Driving options such as open driving and driving other vehicles
  • Legal Expenses 
  • Cover your Excess 
  • Trailer cover (Third Party damage only, or comprehensive)

Tips to keep your van insurance premium low

  • Size of Vehicle - Insurers look at size make and model of vehicle when calculating your premium. To keep it low, keep that in mind
  • Security - If it is alarmed or fitted with an immobilser or tracker tell us as this will mean you get discounts!
  • No Claims Bonus - the higher your bonus the cheaper your premium. If you have a 5 year bonus it is advisable to protect the bonus
  • Calculate Mileage - some vehicles drive a lot, some a little - tell us your KM per annum and you might qualify for discounts
  • Drivers - Choosing to name your drivers versus Open Driving can assist in keeping your premium down
  • Other Vehicles - If you are a sole trader and have a car that you use domestically and have a bonus that also qualifies for a discount

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