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Blogpost: Change that Matters. Carbon Neutral Car Insurance

Blogpost 23rd August 2021: Every now and then, someone does something that touches you to the core. Well last week, I had one of those moments. I received an email from our colleagues in Axa Insurance, Ireland’s largest provider of motor insurance.

They have announced an initiative for their product, AXA Private Car – Carbon Neutral Car Insurance. AXA have announced that as of Sept 1st, they will spend €6 million to offset the annual carbon impact of over 650,000 cars they insure across the island of Ireland. Brady Insurance has long had a ‘Sustainability Story’, one that we are proud of and that we constantly strive to build upon. We believe that our business has a responsibility to have a positive and ethical impact on our community and the environment, both in how we do business and the operational choices we make.

Brady Insurance Vision Statement: 

“Brady Insurance is a family run business with a legacy of integrity and trust. Our expertise and professionalism ensures our clients and staff are protected and supported . Our aim is to ensure the community we operate in feels safe and has the protection afforded by our quality insurance products, especially in these times of increased insurance risk, litigation and the impact of extreme weather & unforseen events.”

Read more on our Sustainability Story Here

Helping our clients in their Sustainability journey:

With a shared vision and responsibility we are honoured and proud to bring the AXA Carbon Neutral Car Insurance to market. We believe this is a fantastic initiative and we commend AXA for their drive and determination to help tackle climate change.

A word from Axa Ireland: “Together we can do more, when it comes to climate change, we all recognise our responsibility and want to do more, and AXA are committed to taking proactive, measured steps to ensure a resilient and sustainable future for generations to come. This is not something we can do alone. That’s why we’re working with other companies, our Brokers and Partners and customers, to achieve a low carbon future where our people and the planet are protected.”

Carbon Neutral Car Insurance

From 1st September 2021, AXA are committed to offsetting 100% of the carbon emissions produced by all new and existing car customers for one year, at no cost to the customer. This will apply to all AXA customers who renew their car insurance or buy a new policy on or after 1st September and it will be applied from the date of renewal or inception.

How it works:

Carbon offsetting is a way to balance the environmental impact of CO2 emissions produced through different processes, in this case driving, by compensating for it elsewhere. The annual CO2 offset amount will be calculated by AXA based on the vehicle and annual kilometres or miles driving information provided by you, the policyholder at the inception or renewal date of the policy. There is no need for you as the policyholder to do anything extra.  AXA will purchase CO2 offsets to cover the emissions produced by the car's usage, up to a maximum of 50,000 km or 30,000 miles per year. 

AXA’ Sustainability Partners

1.       The Nature Trust – Woodland planting programme in Ireland

AXA have committed €2m to fund the planting of 600,000 native Irish trees across 200 hectares, from 1st October 2021. These will become public amenities for future generations to enjoy. 

2.       Carbon Offsetting Programme

AXA will invest €4 million to finance wind, hydro and solar based projects designed for carbon offsetting. The programme will be managed by Ecologi which supports carbon offsetting projects across the world.

Brady Insurance supports this initiative whole-heartedly and commend AXA on their efforts. I personally believe that we can all make a different and that together we can make a change that does matter. That matters now and most importantly for the generations to come and we believe it’ll mean a lot to you, our customers too.

Jane Brady

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