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Partnerships Are Important

We work with a variety of partners with the purpose of securing value for customers, ensuring strong professional relationships, opportunities for learning & training and also to build our professional networks so that we are the best consumer advocates we can be.

Over the course of 64+ years we have built a reputation as a very strong and reputable brokerage, helped by our associations with the following Organisations:

Broker Networks

In particular Brady Insurance are members of two excellent broker networks. These groups provide us with training, opportunities to network with other brokers and establish best practices in our firms by a deeper understanding of our market and the changes that require our industry to evolve over time. They also assist us in developing relationships with insurers, so we have the ability to get consumer issues heard and ensure a level playing field for all brokers in an increasingly disintermediated market. 

Our goal is the continuance of a strong broker community who has our clients best interests at heart at all times, and, who can hold to account any person or institution who does not have those same values. We are proud members of all the organisations listed here. 


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