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Professional Indemnity Information

Professional indemnity insurance can help protect your business if a client claims there's a problem with the work you’ve done for them. It can cover your costs if you need to pay compensation to correct a mistake or settle a claim, and covers the cost of your legal defence.

Professional indemnity insurance can provide invaluable cover to businesses providing professional advice or services to clients which could be challenged. From business consultants to technology firms and accountants, Brady Insurance will help you tailor your professional indemnity cover for the risks you face. 

Without it, you could be liable for thousands of euros worth of legal fees and compensation payments payable to your client if you are found to have been negligent in your services to them.

Why Use a Broker?

We act as your advocate, and will work for you in setting up your insurance, and administering it and helping in the event of a claim.

We have specialist knowledge: we offer industry-specific policies to suit the risks you face.

Because we access all insurers, we can select the best policy and wording for you!

What’s Covered?

  • Professional negligence - such as making a mistake in a piece of work for a client or giving them poor advice

  • Unintentional breach of confidentiality - such as sharing sensitive client information without permission

  • Unintentional breach of copyright - such as using an image on your website without permission

  • Defamation and libel - such as making false comments about a competitor or client that damage their reputation

  • Loss of documents or data

  • Loss of money or goods (for which you are responsible)

Examples of Claims

  • If you are sued to rectify an extension built from a flawed design
  • If you are supervising a project and are found negligent giving rise to financial loss

  • If you design something and your design is fundamentally defective giving rise to property damage or loss.

  • If you are an advisor and give advice having not gathered adequate or correct information, and there is a financial loss arising from your advice.

  • If you fail to diary an important milestone or to follow up on a serious matter, which is a breach of your professional duty.

  • If you are sued for copyright infringement and Intellectual Property Theft

  • If your sued for using unlicensed pictures 

  • If you are sued for omitting clients phone number and web address from printed adverts

  • If you file “official paperwork” late arising in a loss for your client

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